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by Faith Canter

28 Day Challenge Day Twenty Five

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Welcome back!

Here’s day twenty five of the 28 day challenge for you.

Day Twenty Five (Thursday): 

1. Out with gluten, processed sugars, sweeteners, alcohol and fizzy drinks.

2. Meditate for 20 mins a day (I advise a guided meditation if you’re new to this).

3. Drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day.

4. Do 40 seconds of planking.

5. Pick another drawer or cupboard to de-clutter, use the natural vinegar solution (mentioned in day two) as a cleaner rather than any toxic chemicals.

6. Note 25 things you are grateful for in your gratitude pad.

7. Increase the amount of steps or length of time you walk today by 5% from the previous day’s total.

8. Take a daily probiotic.

9. Eat 7 fruit or vegetables a day (preferably raw for optimum nutrition).

10. Make sure you have breakfast within a hour of getting up and don’t skip meals, make sure to eat something (if only something little) every 3-4hrs.

11. All caffeinated tea and coffee should be replaced with green tea, herbal teas or water.

12. Watch at least one inspirational or motivational video each day.

13. Have at least one smoothie or a juice every day (the choice is yours which one), but make sure it has some veggies in as well as fruit.

14. Where possible try having sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes (they make yummy wedges and jackets).

15. Try introducing fermented foods into your diet.

16. Get off the bus a stop early or park your car at the wrong side of the car-park to your destination.

17. Replace unhealthy transfat cooking oils with coconut oil.

18. Complete 20 minutes of yoga, pilates, tai-chi or Qi Gong routine to three days of your week.

19. Try not to say negative things about yourself, either out loud or in your own head. The way we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on our self image and self belief, so try to be kind and see what a difference it makes.

20. Introduce some superfoods into your daily diet. Items like blueberries, oily fish, spinach, pistachio nuts, peppers, quinoa, brown rice, avocados, garlic, goji berries, broccoli, lentils, apples, sweet potatoes, hemp seeds, chia seeds, watercress and oats are all super foods and should be included in your diet for optimum health.

21.  If you are still treating yourself to the odd bit of chocolate please replace this with dark chocolate.

22. Consider switching one of your skin or hair care items to a natural alternative.

23. Try having 1 or 2 Epsom salt baths a week. Epsom salts are high in magnesium, which helps draw out toxins as well as aches and pains.

24. Start your day with fresh lemon, lime or warm ginger water (or a mixture of these).

25. Listen to least 15 mins of upbeat music a day.

26. Swap table salt for Himalayan salt.

27. Consider purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp or candle holders. These items made from Himalayan salt draw impurities, negatives and damp from the air around them.

28. Introduce some detoxifying herbal teas into your daily regime.  These are bitter tasting teas like dandelion, nettle, wormwood or milk thistle.

29. Go organic with meat and dairy.

30. Take part in the 100happydays challenge.

31. Take the adrenal fatigue questionnaire on Dr James Wilson’s adrenal fatigue website.

32. No more microwaving!

33. No more storing foods and drinks in plastic!

34. Watch this film about letting go of our ego:


New for Day Twenty Five:

35. Try making at least 25% of every meal raw. This means including raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  When we cook food we not only start to lose the vitamin and mineral content of our food but we lose almost all the enzymes from the food. This then causes things like food intolerances (and many more health issues) as we do not have the essential enzymes in our digestive system to process all the foods we eat.

36. Soak your nuts and seeds.  Nuts and seeds are all packed full of goodness, but due to their natural enzyme inhibitors (which stop them germinating in your cupboard) we cannot actually absorb a lot of this.  However, if you soak them for at least 2 hrs, some as much as 12 hrs then it releases these inhibitors into the water and means we can more easily digest and absorb all the goodness from them.

That’s it for Day Twenty Five!

See you tomorrow =0)

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