Living a life less toxic…

by Faith Canter


What’s all this tapping about?

For those of you that haven’t really come across EFT/Tapping before or haven’t got the foggiest what it is I thought I’d put together a blog to explain this amazing tool you could all easily learn to use.

This is the official definition for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Tapping:
A form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy.

This is my definition:
It’s one of the most successful things I tried very early on in my recovery from ME/CFS and which I still use regularly to this day. It helped me deal with deep seated issues as well as day to day stress, anxiety and general ill health.

EFT was founded by Gary Craig and is similar to acupuncture (but without the needles!). Basically you tap on meridian points throughout the body whilst vocalising on areas of concern, and this releases the blockages created throughout the body by these toxic thoughts. This then releases the hold these thoughts have over us and most importantly it breaks patterns associated with these thoughts. It’s like a counselling session but without having to open up to someone about your darkest and deepest thoughts. For it to work most affectively you take yourself back to the first time you had the issue or concern and tap about how this made you feel both physically and emotionally. It’s believed that if you can address the root cause of the concern then all the other times this has effected you since then in your life will be addressed in this session also. It is an extremely powerful tool and can release a lot of hurt, emotions, toxic thoughts and long standing beliefs about yourself and others. This not only has really positive physiological benefits but it helps all sorts of physical issues that have actually started due to these underlying thought patterns or at least made worse by them. It can help anything from back pain and weight loss to your love life and depression.

If you look EFT / Tapping up you might get confused by all the different types and styles of it. Please don’t be put off, it’s really simple and is really up to you how you do it. Some people start with the head, others at the place they call the karate chop. Some start with a set-up phrase, others don’t bother. And some even do eye rolls and individual finger tapping. They are all right, no one person’s way of tapping is better than anyone else’s; they are simply different people’s preferences. I personally suggest you keep it simple to start with and once you get the hang of it, you can add other bits if you wish.

So how do you do it?
1. Think about something that is bothering you, but be specific. I am emotional would not be detailed enough, you need to list the reasons why and how this is affecting you within your body and mind. Does is make you feel sick in the tummy, tight in your chest, tearful, drained, scared etc.
2. For the sake of this exercise, let’s name your issue “stress”. Rate the intensity of your stress level on a scale of 0-10 (10 being bad).
3. Next we put together a set-up phrase. The set-up phrase not only focuses the mind on your issue, but has a deeply healing affect itself as it’s like performing affirmations directly on our meridians. Here are some options for the set-up phrase you can use:

Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I deeply and completely love and accept myself
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I love and accept my young self
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I’m ok anyway
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I can choose to be kinder to myself
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I can accept that this is just where I am right now
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I want to love and accept myself

Some people find picking the right set-up phrase difficult, as they do not feel very positive about themselves. If you’re one of these people then you can use one of the options further down the list, or make your own up, or not bother with the set-up phrase at all. Whichever way works for you is best.

I know it might seem strange focusing on the negative, as we are always being told it’s important to focus on the positive. But all you are really doing here is vocalising your negative thoughts that you are already having and haven’t already eliminated. You vocalise them to clear the blockages and then you finish your tapping routine on something positive that replaces the negative issue within you.

4. To perform the set-up, tap on the karate chop point (see below diagram) and repeat your chosen set-up phrase three times: Even though I’m feeling stressed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


5. Tap through all the points shown on the below diagram, tapping each around 10 times (starting with the top of the head and working down one side of your body only) while repeating reminder phrases (like below). Reminder phrases are all the ways this stress has made you feel both physically and emotionally. You could say things like:

This stress makes me feel sick to my tummy
This stress makes me feel tense across my shoulders
This stress makes me feel emotionally and physically drained
This stress makes me feel like there’s a dark black ball in my chest
This stress makes me feel like I want to cry all the time and I have no idea why
This stress makes so angry with everyone, I want to bite people’s heads off
It’s …… fault, they make me stressed, they….
This stress started when…..
This stress makes me feel so out of control

6. If other things pop into your mind whilst you are tapping that seem unrelated then tap on those also. More often than not you’ll be surprised what pops up and is actually related.

7. If you can remember the first time you felt this sort of stress then it’s important to tap on that time and all the thoughts and feelings around that time. This will help all the other times since, including the one you’re going through now.


8. After a couple of rounds of tapping, you should pause, take three deep belly breathes and notice the effects. Then reassess the intensity level. Has the number changed? What is it now? If it has dropped then you’re on the right track. If it hasn’t then there’s something else you should be tapping on. What could that be? What’s REALLY upsetting you?

9. If it has dropped but is not down to zero then refocus on your issue and repeat the tapping process again. The second time around, we can change the wording as follows:

Setup phrase: “Even though I still have some of this stress, I ….”

10. Then say things like: “This remaining stress…makes me feel/hurts/is/etc” (adding in any new feelings both mental and physical about this issue).

11. After several more rounds of tapping you should find the intensity of the feelings reduced to zero. If you stop making progress then sit and think about what else could be affecting this issue (however small or irrelevant and tap on that as well).

12. Either way it is important to try to finish your tapping on a positive rather than a negative. So consider saying things like:

Even though I haven’t got to the bottom of this issue I am open to addressing it and know I will find a way to help myself.
I am open to healing both mentally and physically
I now let go of my attachments to these issues
These feelings do not serve me, I let go of them now
I thank my body and/or mind for protecting me, but they can let go of this pain now
Even though I find this issue to upsetting to deal with now, I know I am on the right track and I allow myself to be open and willing to heal

If you do have deep seated toxic thoughts I would recommend going to a practitioner (at least the first couple of times if nothing else) as they can help you get the most out of your tapping and help you find and fully address the root cause to your concerns.

EFT is also an amazing tool for dealing with day to day concerns. You can tap on the bus, in the dentist’s surgery, whilst waiting for a job interview or for helping you through a presentation or a date. It’s a wonderfully versatile tool. There are loads of different videos you can follow for free online if you want to see how it’s done. Just do a search for EFT or Tapping and then the type in the issue you want to address. You’ll see that there’s pretty much an online video for every issue you can think of. There are even some of my own. Just check out my You Tube channel for these.

I noticed a big shift in myself after only one session of EFT, so I decided to train in it.  I trained with EFT UK who were super trainers and who I highly recommend.  If you are in the Edinburgh area and what to learn more about this amazing technique then check out their website, here.  And if not then I hope this blog helps you with some happy tapping at home.

For those of you that already tap, what do you find it most useful for?

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My top Inspiring Documentaries & Films

Here is a list of my favourite inspiring documentaries and films.

I believe it’s important to focus on health, positivity and growth rather than the negativity of much of mainstream TV and media.  My own healing path benefited hugely from watching several inspiring/spiritual documentaries each week and it is something I have found I have kept doing even to this day.  If I feel I am having a slightly negative day I pop one of these on and it soon turns my day around.  Happy viewing!

I have broken these down into rough categories, although many of these fall under several of the categories listed.

The Body

Food Matters

The honest account of the drug and food industry.  How we can cure ourselves of just about everything if we look at diet and detoxing.  A must watch!  For the trailer and option to buy the full film, click here.

Simply Raw

Reversing diabetes and other health concerns in 30 days. For full film click here. 

Raw for Life

The ultimate encyclopaedia for the raw food lifestyle.  These two discs clearly show the benefits of adopting this lifestyle. For trailer click here.

Burzynski Part 1 & 2

A completely natural way to recover from cancer that how the American Government/FDA reacted to this amazing breakthrough. Shocking at say the least!  For the whole of the first film (part 1), click here. 

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

This is a recording of one of Christiane Northrup’s talks and is the funniest item on this list, yet still manages to be packed full of tons of information – a must watch! Unfortunately you can only get this item if you pay for it, but here is a trailer of it, click here.

Super Juice Me

Explains the truth behind what’s on our plate and the benefits of juicing.  Click here for the trailer.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

The story behind Max Gerson’s, Gerson Therapy, how to heal naturally from cancer and other illnesses/diseases and reset our body’s health and well-being.  You can only get this on DVD or through a subscription to FMTV, there are no trailers online either, but there are dozens of short clips on You Tube about Gerson Therapy. Here is one of these talks from Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson’s daughter, click here. 

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

One man’s juicing journey to healing himself of an auto-immune disease and how he inspired and helped others with their own healing paths. Click here for the full movie. 

The Greater Good

Vaccines, what do they really do, do we need them, what are the side effects and who’s really benefiting from them?  I like this documentary and it explains both sides of the argument.  For the full documentary click here

The Tapping Solution

How to tap, why tap and how everyone can benefit from tapping.  This is a nice, simple and clear documentary about tapping (EFT). Here’s a link to the trailer, click here. 

The Grounded

A brilliant documentary about how simply grounded ourselves every day as cure a whole host of ailments, large and small. I highly recommend this film, click here.

The Mind


This is a brilliant documentary about how are are all connected.  How our emotions, hearts and lives effects those around us, including plants and animals.  For the trailer, click here. 

Finding Happiness

This is a film about living simply and finding happiness in a spiritual community called Ananda.  It’s lovely, easy watching and inspiring (and now I want to the place ha).  For the YouTube trailer, click here.


How what we think effects our life and how understanding, loving and listening to ourselves can create large shifts.  What we put into our body and think about our body has a huge impact on overall health and well-being.  Here’s a long trailer for E-motion, click here. 

Choice Point

I love this documentary! We all get to a point in our life where we have an important choice to make, this documentary explains how we react to this choice and how it can effect our life in amazing and positive ways. Great things can come from very hard paths and choices.  Click here for the trailer.

Feed Your Head

A great documentary about how what we put into our body effects our mental health. Click here for the YouTube trailer.

You Can Heal Your Life

I great film explaining how the way we speak about our health, ourselves and others effects our life, health and well being. Click here for the trailer.  A must watch! 

Finding Joe

This takes a little while to get going, but is worth it!  Explaining we are all in the same story but by following out bliss we can pave our own happy and healthy path. Click here for the trailer. 

Celestine Prophecy

I totally love this film, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  It really makes you think about coincidences and how we all have connected energy.  A must watch!  Here’s the trailer, click here. 

The Secret

A really interesting documentary about the law of attraction. Watch the full movie here.

The Moses Code

The thought provoking storey of how we are all one in the same, click here.


The Planet

An Inconvenient Truth

This is one of my favourite documentaries.  It explains climate change in detail and in a clear and easy to follow way.  It’s must watch for everyone and is a scary reminder of what will come to pass if we do not act now! Click here for the full documentary. 

Vanishing Bees

What’s happening to all our Bee’s and how it will effect the planet, our food and our lives. I highly recommend you watch this documentary, click here for the trailer and/or buy the full documentary. 

One Man, One Cow, One Planet

How teaching people to grow, eat and live organic and bio-dynamic effects health, life and takes back our choices from the big companies! Click here for the trailer and/or to buy the full documentary. 

Economics of Happiness

This is a brilliant documentary about localisation rather than globalisation and how this impacts us and the planet. Click here for the trailer and/or to buy the full documentary. 

Food Inc

This is a great, but shocking documentary about the American food industry. Click here for the trailer. 

Black Fish

This is a shocking documentary about the reality of sea-life parks.  Watch the trailer here and/or buy the full film here.  A must watch! 

The Living Matrix

This is a science based healing documentary, explaining quantum physics, belief, healing fields/web and bio-energetic principles. Click here for the trailer and/or to buy the full documentary. 

7 Days to Freedom

These dvd’s show you how you can change your life with 7 days worth of tapping/EFT.  To watch most parts of these DVD’s for free follow this link to David’s online page. 


Based on True Inspiring Stories

The Shift

This is a totally brilliant film about the power of our thoughts and other ignored everyday things.  I highly recommend everyone watches this film.  Click here for the full documentary on YouTube. 

Peaceful Warrior

This is one of my favourite all time films (and the book also), it helped me to completely turn my health and life around!  It is based on a true story about Dan Millman’s amazing healing journey after a terrible accident took almost everything from him.  I cannot recommend this film enough. Click here for the trailer. 

Conversions with God

Based on the true story of Neill Donald Walsch’s amazing transformation after losing everything and living homeless, his anger and then his connection with spirit. Click here for the trailer.


Mainstream Inspiring Stories

The Way            – Another favourite of mine!

Seven Years in Tibet

Pay it Forward            – Another favourite of mine!

A beautiful Mind

The Green Mile

The Pursuit of Happyness

Captain Philips

The Matrix



What’s your favourite inspiring or spiritual film or documentary? 


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My Top Tips for Managing ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As some of you will know I have recovered from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), after struggling with it for over 6 years.  So to raise awareness of International ME/CFS/FM Awareness Day on 12th May and the many millions of people struggling with ME/CFS/FM throughout the World I have decided to put together my tops tips for managing ME/CFS.

So here they are: 

  • Learn to relax properly (through meditation, visualisation &/or relaxation techniques).  Remember it’s not a proper rest if your mind is still buzzing with thoughts!  These practices also have a lovely side effect of helping sleep patterns.
  • Eat healthily & regularly!  This should be every 4hrs to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and release a steady flow of energy rich foods – not processed foods, sugars, or caffeine based foods.  Food really is our fuel, so plenty of slow releasing carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes are a must, plus plenty of vegetables and good fats and proteins with each meal.
  • Try and have a fresh juice or smoothie each day.  These are great ways to get lots of much needed nutrients into your body.
  • Use your energy for fun things, not just chores.  We all need some ‘me’ time and some ‘fun’ time, saving energy for just chores doesn’t make you feel very fulfilled or happy, so split your time between the two (the dust will be back tomorrow anyway).
  • Only do half of what you think you can do.  This one was so important to me.  On days when I felt better I would do loads of things to make up for the other days, but this never helped and always made me feel worse again afterwards.
  • Have the things you use the most close (on your bedside table or coffee table).  I know this seems simply but it really helps to place anything you feel you might need for the day close by so you don’t have to keep trying to get up.
  • Consider buying a small folding table to go on your bed.  I had a little laptop table on my bed, which was a great as it meant things could be close by if I wanted to use them.
  • Make a flask of tea (or whatever hot or cold drink you prefer) at the beginning of the day that will last you all day and save having to get up more often than you want/can during the day.  My hubby used to make me a flask to drink during the day before he went to work, this would last me all day and sometimes I would have another flask with soup in it for lunch as well.  This will also help to keep you hydrated.
  • Put a pillow under your knees when laying in bed or on a sofa as this can relieve the pressure and pain in your legs.  I found this really helpful for my heavy painful legs and surprising comfortable to sleep with.
  • Do your shopping online if you can.  The great thing about this is, if you feel tired you can just save your basket of goods and go back to it another time to finish your shop.
  • Consider taking up a craft or art project.  I know this sounds daft and also hard work, but it really helps to give you a sense of achievement (you can monitor) when you can’t do much else.  I started knitting a patchwork blanket.  I couldn’t hold my arms up each day for longer than one line at a time when I started it, so each patch would take me weeks, but over the months and years I produced many patches and loved the fact I was still able (if very slowly) to create something beautiful.
  • Cook batches of healthy food when you’re feeling more up to it and then freeze them down for worse days.  This includes batches of rice, quinoa and even jacket potatoes.
  • Use a stool or high chair in the kitchen instead of standing for long periods of time.  You can get a shorter stool for the bathroom also.
  • I know it’s hard but try not to give yourself a hard time, it doesn’t get you anywhere and only expels even more energy and effects your adrenals and your sympathetic nervous system.  It took me a long time to form this new habit, but it really helped.
  • Learn to meditate.  I mentioned this above in the learning to relax part but learning to meditate was invaluable to me.  It helped to reduce my stress and anxiety, helped me actually sleep at night and get much longer and a better quality of sleep and with guided meditations I started picturing myself well, happy and healthy rather than constantly focusing on the negative stuff in my life. This in-turn helped build and reinforce new positive pathways within my brain and gave me hope for better health.  Meditation also grounds you, so helps people feel a little less like their head is in the clouds.
  • Practice Mindfulness.  This is when we are mindful of our activities rather than thinking of dozens of other things.  This helps to calm the mind and body and also helps us appreciate what we are doing.  For instance, when we are mindful whilst brushing our teeth we absorb ourselves in the motion and feeling of the toothbrush, the water and how wonderful it is we have these things and are able to use them.
  • Put a sign on your door saying ‘no doorstep sellers, canvassers or junk mail’ to minimise the amount of times your doorbell might get rung during the day and then you have to struggle to get up only to find it’s someone trying to sell you something you probably don’t want.
  • Use natural herbal oils etc for calming, relaxing and sleeping.  Lavender, camomile and rose-bud, valerian and such can me found in ‘night-time’ or ‘relaxing’ sprays, oils and even teas that you can pick up in most health food stores and will help sleep.
  • Use Bach Night Remedy & Neal’s Yard Night Time Roll-on.  Also their relaxation & energy roll-on blends are great as and when you need them for additional support.  Neal’s Yard even do a study roll on, which I found helped when I knew I had some forms to fill in or something important to concentrate on.
  • Try to give up or at least minimise caffeine,  sugar, processed foods and white foods like white rice, white flour & white potatoes (these effects your blood sugar levels and you’ll only feel worse for it in the long run.  They also allow you to think you have more energy than you do, so you over do it without realising it.
  • Plan trips out in advance, looking on google maps and planning places to rest or to easily get home from is invaluable.
  • Get fresh air – even if it’s just sitting in the garden.  This helps your Vitamin D levels and also makes you feel like you have actually left the house!  I would quite often sit or lay in a garden chair/sun bed and read a book, meditate or simply do nothing.  I would be wrapped up in blankets and such like but still enjoy just being outside.
  • If you cannot get outside then sit at a window and absorb the beautiful outdoors through the window, appreciate the fact you are able to take this all in rather than buzzing around with stress related blinkers on like everyone else out therein the world!
  • Try to deal with underlying stresses and anxieties.  Being constantly in that stress cycle effects sleep, mood, rest, the sympathetic nervous system, the adrenals and overall energy levels.  I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and Bach Flower Remedies really helped me deal with past traumas and issues and gave me a few less negative things to focus on.
  • Join some online forums or groups for people with ME/CFS/FM so you don’t feel so alone and so you can chat to people that understand what your going through.  I felt no one around me understood what I was going through, so this really helped.  Although some of these sites can be rather negative (don’t allow yourself to get drawn into the negative one, delete these straight away if you can), on a whole most people are really supportive and understand what your going through.
  • Read every recovery story you can (even if not ME/CFS/FM related), these were not only great reads but gave me hope and inspiration.
  • Carry sunglasses everywhere you go, even in the winter if the sun effects your eyes like it did me.  Who cares if know one else has them on, no one else needs them on (pretend you’re a movie star)!
  • Take baths with Epsom salts.  This helps draw out aches, pains and toxins from the body as well as allowing you to absorb some of the magnesium in them, which helps calm your sympathetic nervous system and eliminate toxins.
  • Try natural pain killers like White Willow Bark and Ginger, they not only help with pain but also reduce inflammation.
  • Try taking some supplements and/or teas for detox.  Most of us have far to many toxins in our bodies, which is another thing we  struggle with and need energy to deal with.  Milk thistle and magnesium help with this, plus the items in the section below.
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas (a number of herbal teas help with healing and supporting the body, bitter teas (like nettle and dandelion) help with detoxing and peppermint and ginger teas help settle to digestive system.
  • Try writing a gratitude or happiness  journal.  This helped me to focus on the good bits of my day rather than how terrible I felt all the time.  Even little things like ‘hubby bringing me my supplies for the day before he goes to work’, rather than saying to myself ‘I’m so alone and no one understands’.  I was surprised how this helped my day to day thoughts.
  • Watch at least one inspirational film, documentary or YouTube video each week.  I used to find watching and reading the news and soaps could trigger me feeling low, so I started watching more positive stuff instead and this really helped.
  • Focus on what you can do, (even if only tiny) to get better, I spent a lot of time and energy looking into why I was ill, why the NHS/Doctors didn’t want to or couldn’t help and why more research wasn’t being done.  I realised later on that this didn’t get me anywhere, other than making me feel more upset, more negative and more alone.  Instead I started to focus on little things I could do to help my health every day, the energy that I wasted on chasing a cure or a proper diagnosis for people with ME/CFS was then spent on positive steps for myself.
  • Do skin brushing whenever you feel able to, I used to try to do this after every bath.  The idea is that you run your hands or a brush up (always up) your body towards your chest.  Then on the face you rub or brush down towards the chest.  This helps stimulate the lymphatics and helps eliminate toxins as well as helps shift lactic acid in the body (which is some of the reason for the pain in your muscles).  This made me feel worse to start with but really helped with my muscle pain after that.
  • Start using and getting others to use natural and toxic free beauty products and household cleaners.  Not only will these stop more toxins getting into your system that your body has to try and deal with but also they won’t smell so bad, which is a bonus when you’re sensitive to smells etc.  It’s surprising what a mixture of white vinegar, water and a couple of essential oils can clean and kill in your home (plus it’s cheaper and better for the environment = bonus).
  • If and when you can manage it try light Yoga, Tia Chi, Pilates, Rebounding/mini trampoline (even if sitting down to do these), they help stimulate the chi (energy) within your body and also make you feel more grounded.
  • Reduce stress in any way you can, otherwise this will only lead to more energy being expended than you have.  Sometimes this means reducing or removing certain people or events from your life for a while.  Learn to be selfish, you really do matter!


Top Tips from others: 

  • Keep in mind things that you can do at different energy levels. Do the tiny things on low energy days. I’ve found this really combats the “I can’t do anything ever” feeling.  By Nadine Steidl from Facebook community from From ME to Recovery.
  • Keep a change of lounge wear within reach at all times to deal with nightsweats– also towels to put on your pillow and so on.  By Nadine Steidl from Facebook community from From ME to Recovery.
  • There is a time where exercise is a definite no no, especially with severe M.E as I’ve had but when the time is right swimming is the most gentle form if exercise for aiding recovery even if it means starting at a few minutes each visit and very gradually working your way up.  By Lorna Cameron from Facebook community from From ME to Recovery.
  • Linseeds/Flaxseeds are a great source of omegas and anti inflammatory amongst other things.  By Lorna Cameron from Facebook community from From ME to Recovery.
  • Keeping hydrated is a big one and may seem obvious but when very ill it can be more difficult.  By Lorna Cameron from Facebook community from From ME to Recovery.


Some additional tips that made the world of difference to me: 

  • Read the Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.  There are loads of books that helped my recovery, but this book and then DVD made me realise even if I couldn’t do much I could still appreciate what I had, it inspired me and gave me hope for better health. Click here for his website.
  • Read David Hamilton’s book It’s The Thought That Counts.  This book and many of David’s teachings explain in a detailed and sciency (but easily readable) way what our thoughts do to our bodies. Click here for his website.
  • Read the book Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson, or at the very least take the quiz on his website and have a nose around whilst you’re there. Click here for his website.
  • Once you start to feel better read one Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way – Robert Maurer.  This is a great way to make and monitor tiny little improvements in your health.  Click here for his website.
  • Most importantly – NEVER, ever, ever give up hope for better health! 


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That’s all for me, but if any of you have any other tips you’d like to add to this list I’d love to hear them, so please comment below.